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Rio Rancho Homes
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You can buy a HUD owned home with only a $500 down payment. Plus, request up to 3% towards buyer closing costs. More Info


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Rio Rancho Homes


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Rio Rancho Homes


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Rio Rancho Homes


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Rio Rancho Homes


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Rio Rancho Homes



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Don't settle for unreliable home valuations from third party websites that give inaccurate and misleading data.  Get a real FREE Home Valuation from an actual experienced Rio Rancho real estate agent.  You'll quickly learn how much comparable homes in your area are selling for.  There is no obligation.  To get your FREE home valuation right now, click here.


Getting Your Home Ready To Sell



The hardest part in getting your home ready to sell can be, letting go.  It's normal to attach emotions to the sale of a home.  We create so many memories under a single roof that when it comes time to sell, we're reluctant.


It's important to know that these emotions can have a negative impact on the sale of a home.  This is because, there can be a desire to increase the price based on the emotional attachment or feel insulted by an offer that may come in at less than what you may feel the home is worth.  Releasing the emotional connection and viewing your home as an asset, can help you move forward with the sale of your home.



To help disconnect emotionally, your first steps should be to de-personalize and main your property.  If you've been inside a model home, you see a very clean and neat interior in addition to a well manicured and welcoming exterior.  What you don't see are, dirty dishes in the sink, laundry on the floor or weeds taking over the yard.  Your property should begin to immulate that of a model home.  Remove personal items, unused furniture and most of all, clutter.  These are items that you're inevtiably going to pack or sell, so packing or selling them now would be ideal.  However, don't pack your closets or storage space with these items, because you want potential buyers to see roomy closet space and storage areas.


Repairs & Maintenance

We recommend going through your property and making necessary repairs.  Fixing leaky sinks, correctling inoperable windows and steam cleaning carpets, is a start.  Work on going room to room, making sure each one is as picture perfect as the first.  Next, roll up the water hose, pull the weeds and trim the bushes.  Give your property the best possible curb appeal because, when a home buyer pulls up to the front of your property, everything from the sidewalk to the front door, will be their first impression.


Sensitive Matters

Ok, take a deep breath before reading this next section.  Ready?  Here we go.  First, your personal taste in decor, may not be shared by average home buyers.  The unique color choices, may compliment furniture, but it's likely a potentially interested home buyer will have different furniture and an alternative taste in home fashion.  Consider repainting the interior of the property with neutral colors.  A property that appeals to the masses should be your goal.


Next, you may not know it or you may be accustom to it, but there's a good chance that your property has an odor.  Whether it's from smoke, pets or cooking, you should consider using air fresheners.  However, use scents that are not over-powering that can create a masking odor.


Finally, pricing.  While you may have invested money in upgrades or need a certain amount at closing, the market and what a buyer is willing to pay is what determines the value.  It's common to see a home listed down the street, then when it sells, it's believed that the price it entered the market at was the selling price.  In today's market, the home sold for less than what it was listed at.  We will carefully research the comparable properties in your area, provide you with a FREE home valuation and make recommendations so that you can maximize your property's potential.


Marketing Advantage

Did you know that approximately 90% of home buyers are using the Internet to search for properties?  A lot has changed in the real estate world of marketing. offers a unique competitive advantage that no other real estate brokerage can offer.  That advantage is thousands of "targeted" web visitors each year specifically looking for Rio Rancho homes for sale.


This extraordinary exposure is merely the tip of the iceberg.  When listing with our exclusive and locally owned real estate brokerage (Syan Real Estate), your home will be exposed to hundreds of thousands of potential home buyers generated by this remarkable network each year.


Plus, your home will also appear on,,, and all other major competing brokerage websites.  Most importantly, your home will be showcased on, a perk only Syan Real Estate can offer you.


Special Note:  If your home happens to be located in Cabezon, we can also feature it on, a website that receives thousands of Cabezon Rio Rancho targeted web visitors each year.



Feel free to call/text us at (505) 730-8181 or e-mail us with questions about selling a home.  Utilize our knowledge and extensive experience to assist you in getting the most out of your home.




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      Yucatan del Estante
      Las Brisas

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